EDUCATION- EDUCATION IS ONE OF OUR PRIMARY MISSIONS                                                       


Sixty one graduate students have obtained their Ph.D. degrees from this task, including 10 theses from TASSO, 23 from ALEPH, 9 from the BaBar, and 19 from ATLAS.  We list here below their academic post doc positions or non-academic positions after graduation. (This list includes co-advised students)

1)   James Freeman 1981 Fermilab
2)   Timothy Barklow 1983 Stanford
3)   Eric Wicklund 1984 Caltech
4)   H. Venkataramania 1985 Yale
5)   David Strom 1986 McCormick Fellow U of Chicago
6)   Michael Cherney 1987 Berkeley
7)   Allen Caldwell 1987 Columbia
8)   Steven Ritz 1988 Columbia
9)   David Muller 1989 Stanford
10) M. Takashima 1989 CERN Fellow
11)  Douglas Cowen 1990 Caltech
12)  John Hilgart 1991 CERN Fellow
13)  Joe Boudreau 1991 CERN Fellow
14)  Jim Wear 1991 U.C. Santa Cruz
15)  Yibin Pan 1991 Wisconsin
16)  David Cinabro 1991 Harvard
17)  Jolean Pater 1992 CERN Fellow
18)  Fred Weber 1993 CERN Fellow
19) Michael Walsh 1995 Rutgers
20) Leo Bellantoni 1995 Fermilab Lederman Fellow followed by Wilson Fellow
21) Zhong Feng 1995 Johns Hopkins
22) Yongsheng Gao 1995 Harvard
23) Jane Nachtman 1997 Fermilab Wilson Fellow
24) Jim Grahl 1998 Iowa State
25) Peter Elmer 1998 Princeton
26) Steve Armstrong 1998 CERN Fellow
27) William Orejudos 1998 Berkeley
28) Xidong Wu 1999 SBC Com.
29) Owen Hayes 1999 Booz Allen Hamilton Consult.
30) Tom  Greening 1999 CERN Fellow
31) Doug Ferguson 2001 Wisconsin
32) Jason Nielsen 2001 Berkeley
33) Eric Charles 2002 Berkeley
34) P. McNamara 2002 Rutgers
35) Steve Sekula 2004 MIT
36) Ran Liu 2004 Berkeley Business School
37) Jinwei Wu 2004 Harvard
38) Zhitang Yu 2005 Clearshape Tech.
39) Mousumi Datta 2005 Fermi National Lab
40) Baosen Cheng 2005 Avestar-IP
41) Attila Mihalyi 2005 Princeton Consulting
42) Kyle Cranmer 2005 Godhaber Fellow at Brookhaven National Laboratoy

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientist and Engineers 2007

43) Karina Loureiro 2006 Ohio State
44) Paul Kutter 2006 Citizen’s Insurance
45) Alden Stradling 2008 University of Texas Arlington
46) Yaquan Fang 2008 Wisconsin
47) William Quayle 2008 US ATLAS Analysis Fellow
48) Xin Chen 2009 Wisconsin
49) Elizabeth  Castaneda 2011 Foreign Academic Fellowship, Conacyt, Mexico
50) Haifeng  Li 2012 SUNY-Stony Brook
51) German Carrillo Montoya 2012 CERN Fellow
52)Alfredo Castenada 2012 U of Texas – A&M
53) Haichen Wang 2013 Chamberlain Fellow at Berkeley
54) Haoshuang Ji 2014 CONVIVA (real-time big data processing platform)
55) Yao Ming 2016 Amazon
56) Hongtao Yang 2016 Chamberlain Fellow at Berkeley
57) Andrew Hard 2016 Google
58) Fangzhou Zhang 2017 Ernst & Young
59) Fuquan Wang 2017 Yelp
60) Laser Kaplan 2017 Accenture
61) Xiangyang Ju 2018 High Performance Computing Postdoctoral Scholar at Berkeley


Nineteen  Ph.D. students have obtained their Ph.D. doing ATLAS research under Prof. Sau Lan Wu’s supervision.
1) Kyle Cranmer (Goldhaber Fellow at BNL; Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers 2007, now Associate Professor at New York University). Searching for New Physics: Contributions to LEP and the LHC, 2005.
2) Karina Loureiro (Postdoc at Ohio State University). Measuring the Photon Energy Scale Through Test Beam Data, 2006.
3) William Quayle (USATLAS Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab). Searches in the H→WW Decay Mode Using the ATLAS Detector, 2008.
4) Alden Stradling (Postdoc at the University of Texas at Arlington) An examination of backgrounds to early-run minimum-bias events in atlas at the LHC, 2008
5) Yaquan Fang, (Postdoc at University of Wisconsin), Search for SM Higgs decaying to two photons via ATLAS detector, 2008.
6) Xin Chen, (Postdoc at University of Wisconsin), Reconsctruction of missing ET 2009 and search for a SM Higgs boson via VBF in the H -> tau+ tau- decay in ATLAS, 2008
7) Elizabeth Castaneda (Foreign Academic Fellow, Mexico). Search for Dilepton Heavy Mass Resonances (Z’) with the ATLAS Experiment at LHC, 2011.
8) Haifeng Li (Postdoc at SUNY at Stony Brook). Search for Standard Model Higgs Boson in H → WW*→lνlν Decay Mode with ATLAS Detector at √s = 7 TeV, 2012.
9) German Carrillo Montoya (Postdoc at University of Witwatersrand and CERN fellow). Standard Model Higgs boson searches in the weak boson decay channels with the ATLAS detector, 2012.
10) Alfredo Castaneda  (Postdoc at University of Texas – A&M). Search for TeV-scale Gravity Signatures in Final States with Leptons and Jets with ATLAS at √s=7 TeV, 2012.
11) Haichen Wang (Postdoc at Berkeley with Chamberlain Fellowship).  Discovery of the Higgs boson in the H→γγ  channel with 7 and 8 TeV data (Also selected as Enrico Fermi Fellow at U. of Chicago), 2015.
12) Haoshuang Ji (software engineer at Conviva) Discovery and measurement of a Higgs Boson,  2014
13) Hongtao Yang (Postdoc at Berkeley with Chamberlain Fellowship). Discovery of the Higgs Boson, measurements of Higgs Boson properties, and search for high mass beyond the standard model scalar particle in the diphoton final state with the ATLAS detector at the large hadron collider, 2016)
14) Yao Ming (Software Developpment Engineer at Amazon corporate LLC) . Search for b¯b decay of the Standard Model Higgs boson produced in association with a vector boson (W/Z) with the ATLAS detector, 2016
15) Andrew Hard (Software engineer at Google) . Search and discovery with the resonant  γγ final state at ATLAS, 2016.
16) Fuquan Wang (Software engineer at Yelp) . Search for Dark Matter in events with a photon and missing transverse momentum in pp collisions at √s = 8 and 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector, 2016
17) Fangzhou Zhang (Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young) . Measurements of the Higgs Boson Production and Decay Rates and Coupling Strengths using pp Collision Data at √s = 7 and 8 TeV in the ATLAS Experiment, 2017.
18)Laser Kaplan (Data Scientist for Accenture). Search for low mass di-jet resonances produced in association withinitial state radiation at ATLAS, 2017
19)Xiangyang Ju (High Performance Computing Postdoctoral Scholar at Berkeley) – Observation of a Standard Model Higgs boson and search for additional scalars in the ++final state with the ATLAS detector

Our 37 former postdocs and graduate students are faculty members in major U.S. universities and worldwide. In addition, thirteen are permanent staff members at major High Energy Physics laboratories. Also a number of our former PhD entered the workforce of well-known industries, providing successfully the functionality of technology transfer.


1.    Steven Ritz Full Professor and Director of the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (UC- Santa Cruz); NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal; APS Fellow; Sloan Foundation Fellow; Chairman of the Project Prioritization Panel (P5) 2013; former member of HEPAP
2.    Robert Johnson Full Professor, Chair and former Associate Director of the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (University of California, Santa Cruz); APS Fellow
3.    Allen Caldwell Former Full Professor (Columbia University), now Managing Director of Max-Planck-Institute for Physics, Munich (since April 2012); former spokesman of ZEUS (1997-1998)
4.    Michael Cherney Full Professor, former Director – Energy Technology Program (Creighton University)
5.    Vivek Sharma Full Professor (UC San Diego); Sloan Foundation Fellow; APS Fellow
6.    David Strom Full Professor (University of Oregon)
7.    Shan Jin Full Professor and Deputy Director, Exp. Phys. Div. (Inst. of HEP, Beijing);member of the Science Committee of IHEP; 100 Talents award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Science Award for Distinguished Young Scholars
8.    John Conway Full Professor (University of California, Davis); APS Fellow
9.    John Harton Full Professor (Colorado State University)
10.  Yuanning Gao Full Professor and Director of the Center for HEP (Tsinghua Univ., Beijing); 100 Talents award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Science Award for Distinguished Young Scholars
11.  David Cinabro  Full Professor and Chair of Physics and Astronomy (Wayne State University
12.  Hongbo Hu Full Prof.; standing member of the Science Committee of IHEP and former Deputy Director of the Astroparticle Physics Lab. (Inst. of HEP, Beijing); 100 Talents award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; National Science Award for Distinguished Young Scholars.
13.  Douglas Cowen Full Professor of Physics (Penn State U), NSF Career Award (1999-2003); Fulbright Scholar; NSF career award; Francis W. Sears Physics Prize
14.  Haibo Li Full Professor (Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing); 100 Talents award; National Science Award for Distinguished Young Scholars.
15.  Joe Izen Full Professor (University of Texas, Dallas); former co-spokesman of BES
16.  Haiping Peng Full Professor (University of Science and Technology, China); 100 Talents award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
17.  Michael Schmitt Full Professor  and Chair (Northwestern University), former Assistant Professor at Harvard
18.  Joe Boudreau Full Professor (University of Pittsburgh)
19.  Lianliang Ma Full Professor (Shandong University, China) recipient of
20.  Stathes Paganis Full Professor (National Taiwan University, Taiwan); former Professor at the University of Sheffield, UK
21.  Yaquan Fang Full Professor (Institute of HEP, Beijing); 100 Talent award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese National Award for 1000 Youth Talents Plan
22.  Bruce Mellado Full Professor (U. of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)
23.  Jason Nielsen Full Professor and Associate Director, Institute for Particle Physics (University of California, Santa Cruz)
24.  Haifen Li Full Professor (Shandong University, China);  Qi-Lu Young Scholar of Shandong University
25.  Yongsheng Gao Full Professor (California State University at Fresno)
26.  Kyle Cranmer Full Professor (New York University); NSF Career Award (2009); Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers 2007; Goldhaber Fellow, BNL 2005-2007; Member of  HEPAP (2016-2019)
27.  Isabel Pedraza Full Professor (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico)


28.  Yibin Pan Associate Professor (University of Wisconsin)
29.  Trevor Vickey Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) (Sheffield University, UK)
30.  Jane Nachtman Associate Professor (University of Iowa)
31.  Gerald Rudolph Associate Professor (Universität Innsbruck)
32.  Stephen Sekula Associate Professor (Southern Methodist University)
33.  Xin Chen Associate Professor (Tsinghua University, China)
34.  Luis Flores Castillo Assistant Professor (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)
35.  Swagato Banerjee Assistant Professor (University of Louisville)
36. Haichen Wang Assistant Professor (UC Berkeley, USA)
37. Alfredo Castaneda Assistant Professor (Universidad de Sonora, Mexico)


This table gives the list of Sau Lan Wu’s 14 former postdocs and former graduate students who received permanent staff positions in National and International High Energy Laboratories.

1.    Saul Gonzalez Senior Advisor at the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate Washington D.C. Metro Area ; Former program Director of Experimental Elementary Particle Physics at NSF ;Former Assistant Director for Physical Sciences at The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; Former Program Manager for Proton Accelerator Physics, Physics Research Division of Office of High Energy Physics, DOE
2.    Pierre Lecomte Senior Research Scientist, ETHZ (Switzerland)
3.    Tom C. Meyer Staff Physicist, CERN
4.    John Walsh Senior Researcher, INFN (Italy)
5.    Mathew Graham Staff Physicist, SLAC
6.    Alden Stradling HPC Cluster Engineer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
7.    James Freeman Scientist, Fermilab
8.    Tim Barklow Staff Physicist, SLAC
9.    David Muller Staff Physicist, SLAC
10.    Eric Wicklund Staff Scientist, Fermilab
11. Leo Bellantoni Scientist, Fermilab, (former Wilson and Lederman Fellow at Fermilab)
12. Joleen Pater Staff Physicist at the University of Manchester
13. Eric Charles Staff Physicist, SLAC
14. Peter Elmer Senior Research Physicist at Princeton University


An interesting development is that high-energy physicists are entering the workforce of well-known industries.  Having been well trained in the high technology environment of large international physics collaborations, members of our group are eminently suited to provide the functionality of technology transfer, always on the leading edge.  For example, some of the former postdocs and former graduate students have held positions in industry are:

(Note that this list may not be up to date)

1) Ian Scott – Chief Science Officer Deloitte Omnia – Artificial Intelligence. Former Partner Chief Data Scientist Deloitte Canada. Former VP customer Solutions at Lattice Engines. Former Chief Technology Officer at Angoss Software.
2) John Yamartino – Senior Director of Analytics and Machine Learning at Lam Research, Mountain View, California. Former Director of Analytics at Lam Research. Former Senior Data Scientist at IBM (Greater New York City Area). Former Engineering Program Manager at Applied Materials, Inc., Silicon Valley.
3) Makoto Takashima –Consultant at Cinctive Capital, New York.
4) Zhong Feng – Lead System Engineer at Raytheon for NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.
5) John Hilgart – Senior Network Security Engineer at BASF. Former Senior Internet Infrastructure Architect at BASF. Former eCommerce Infrastructure Architect.
6) Fred Weber – Senior Research Scientist at A2Z Development Center Inc A2Z Development Center Inc  Grinnell College Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Former Senior Research Scientist, Columbia University Earth Institute (subject: Spoken Language Technology for Development: Communication as Empowerment). Former Senior Research Scientist at ScanSoft, Inc. (Boston) for speech recognition.
7) Jim Wear – Senior Physicist at GE Medical Systems, Madison, Wisconsin.
8) Michael Walsh – Consultant at Superior Consulting Company Inc.
9) Xidong Wu – Principal Machine Learning Engineer at Workday, Pleasanton, CA. Former Lead Member of Technical Staff in Telecommunications at AT&T (San Francisco Bay Area). Former Software Engineer at SBC Communications.
10) Owen Hayes – Senior Program Consultant at CIT, Greater NY City area. Former Founder and Partner of Jorgeson Trading, former Director of Strategy & Technology at Thomson Reuters, Former Business Technology Director at Elsevier (Greater Philadelphia Area). Former Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton Consulting Firm.
11) Thomas Greening – Senior Scientist at Apple (San Francisco Bay Area). Former Principal Scientist at Honeywell. Recipient of Technical Achievement Award (2003) and Outstanding Engineer of the Year Award (2002).
12) Stephen Armstrong – Senior Director – Corporate Capital and Financial Strategy at Lonza (Basel, Switzerland). Former Assistant Vice President, SGS Group management Ltd, Switzerland.
13) Zhitang Yu – Senior Software Development Engineer at Mentor Graphics (San Francisco Bay Area). Former Research and Development Engineer at ClearShape Technologies.
14) Baosen Cheng – Software Engineer at Plaxo (San Francisco Bay Area). Former Software Engineer at Avestar-IP.
15) Attila Mihalyi – Director at Princeton Consultants, former Senior Engineering Specialist at Princeton Consultants (Greater New York City Area). Former Senior Associate/Consultant at  Princeton Consultants.
16) Jinwei Wu – Strategist at Pine River Capital Management (Greater New York City Area). Former Strategist at Goldman Sachs (Greater New York City Area).
17) William Orejudos – Senior Member, Energy and Environmental Services, SRA International (Charlottesville, Virginia Area).
18) Paul Kutter – Directors of Forecasting and Research at Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Former Actuarial Analyst at Citizens Property Insurance (Tallahassee, Florida).
19)Sanjay Padhi – Global Scientific Computing Principal at Amazon Web Servics
20)Lashkar Kashif – Lead Data Scientist & Product Director. Former Business Associate – Data Science  at  Gartner Inc
21)Haoshuang Ji – Senior Software engineer at Conviva
22) Yao Ming – Software Developpment Engineer at Amazon corporate LLC.
23) Andrew Hard – Software engineer at Google.
24) Fuquan Wang – Software engineer at Yelp.
25)Fangzhou Zhang – Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young.
26) Laser Kaplan – Data Scientist/Software Engineer, Data Plus Math, San Diego, California
27) German Carillo Montoya – Lead Machine Learning Scientist, Fortum, Zürich, Switzerland