Because of her important contribution to the Higgs discovery. Sau Lan Wu has been featured or referenced in a number of media articles or books since the Higgs discovery, including:

  • 1. Physics World, August 2012: ‘The long road to the Higgs boson’ by Michael Riordan.
  • 2. Scientific American, October 2012 issue: Sau Lan Wu co-authored the article ‘The Higgs at last’ with Guido Tonelli (former CMS spokesman) and Michael Riordan (award winning historian).
  • 3. Scientific American special edition on “extreme physics”, May 2013. The article “The Higgs at last” is included among the 16 most intriguing articles that Scientific American has published in recent years.
  • 4. Physics World, October 2012 issue: Wu was quoted in ‘Cornering the Higgs boson’ by Michael Riordan.
  • 5. Particle at the end of the universe: Wu was featured in this book by Caltech physicist/author Sean Caroll.
  • 6. New York Times, March 5, 2013:Wu was featured together with Prof. Higgs and three Spokespersons: Incandela (CMS), Tonelli (CMS) and Gianotti (ATLAS) in the article ‘Chasing the Higgs Boson’ by Dennis Overbye. The picture of the five appeared on the full front page in The ScienceTimes section.

    Description: Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4
    Peter Higgs, center, of the University of Edinburgh, was one of the first to propose the particle’s existence. From left, physicists at CERN who helped lead the hunt for it: Sau Lan Wu (University of Wisconsin), Joe Incandela (University of California-Santa

  • 7. International Herald Tribune, March 6, 2013: The New York Times article Chasing the Higgs boson was reproduced and featured on the front page.